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(Pål Angelskår)

So you’ve been with someone else’s girl
and it didn’t work
cause that someone heard

and though it’s easy to explain
you just ran away
passing on the blame

now everybody knows
cause everybody talks
and everybody wants
to be a part of local stories

that no good girl she spread the news
and it lit a fuse
with the local brutes

now it feels like wearing someone else’s shoes
and they’re way too loose
but it’s no excuse

cause everybody knows
that though heartbreak comes and goes
it always stays too long
and it hardly ever walks alone
and everybody cares
when a friendly heart is pierced
cause it just doesn’t seem fair
and somehow it makes us downright scared

if you’re afraid to see an enemy
when you meet your lover’s eyes
go on, do that walk across the room
let her know you tried

you can’t shake that feeling of betrayal
you cry out her name
but it’s way too late

there is a mob around the corner
and they won’t wait
time to say your prayers
kneel down and pray

When they kick you in the face
and you long for her embrace
though you’re hurt in a million ways
you see her in that long white dress
and just before you go
you wonder if it showed
did you ever let her know?
that she’s the one you loved the best

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