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(Pål Angelskår / Sjur Lyseid)

I came to feel the lemonheads
Or whatever you wanted to feel
When Juliana played the bass guitar
And the smoke was too thick to breathe

they came on late, looking like they’d rather be at home
that was fashionable back then
Evan wore his favorite T that I recalled from posters on her wall
Some country dude from way back when

I knew she’d be there anyway
So I didn’t care to call
A few nervous drinks and then we headed back
To the posters on her wall

Two more weeks of school and then we’re off forever
You might have told me not to wait
I wrote napkin poetry on days skipping towards the summer
another leap of faith

Fall brings out the best in me
The cold resides inside my chest
When the leaves pile up in heaps around the trees
Then I am at my best

But no amount of calm can me forget what I want
Or the chances that I blew
So while I wait for winter and for darkness to arrive
I long for something new

I spin the record patiently
I like the fact it’s not too long
Juliana plays the bass guitar
And Evan still cares for his songs

So I write napkin poetry but never about her
Or the way we ought to be
Josephine she slipped into those summernights
but Alison’s still happening to me

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