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(Pål Angelskår / Sjur Lyseid)

Do you ever think of me up there
when you’re God knows where
with your eyes closed in front of the crowd?
Would you pull me up on stage if I
came to your show tonight?
Would you still get me high backstage?
Do I remember summer rain
that sweet metallic taste
the chemicals that made us stay awake?

I didn’t really get it then
but it struck my mind the other day:
I think you’re right about «the leaving»-part
but you’re wrong about «the running away»

I’m still working on the could-have-beens
of you and I, I mean
what if Patricia hadn’t chosen that night?
You told me once that if we ran away
and never spoke her name
then the world would fall back into place

but I rely on muscle memory
onstage wine and irony
if you somehow got the best of me
put it out there in when my recollection’s slow

I’m in the corner by the bar, tonight
you played a song of mine
with contorted chords and words shuffled around
me, I don’t mind you changing it rearranging it
kinda like the way you’re slowing it down

your introduction it was eloquent
but you didn’t write that song on the road
sure, I agree with the sentiment
I’ll be waiting where the flightcases load

she lived right across the street from us
and her mum still wakes up insane
just to ask: will she back again?
Now, what am I supposed to say?

So we’ll be dining with the could-have-beens
you & I, I mean
and though our words need time to unfold
there are moments worth remembering
I hope you’re good at it
’cause there is so much I wish I didn’t know

and that’s why you’re not coming back
and that’s why I can never leave
but Patricia would have that loved that song
just the way you’re playing it to me

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